Unit Load

  Pallet Quality and Automation – White Wood Works Great for 14 Degrees - Grocery distribtion expert, Rick LeBlanc, highlights Australian wine bottler that efficiently uses white wood pallets in a highly automated facility.   (4/4/2010)

  Virginia Tech: Stretch Hood Helps Stabilize Unit Load in Impact Tests, Study Shows - Poor unit load stabilization practices contribute to hundreds of millions of dollars in unsaleable goods annually as well as unfortunate workplace injuries and deaths.   (6/1/2008)

  Virginia Tech Series: The Next Big Idea -- A Case for Systematic vs. Component Unit Load Design - Systematic unit load design is a concept conceived by the Virginia Tech Center for Unit Load Design. Using this idea, Virginia Tech is planning on pioneering a revolution in how people look at transport packaging.  (5/1/2006)

  Virginia Tech: How to Design Around a Unit Load - Any pallet supplier can give a customer a price, but smart companies can become an extension of their customer’s packaging procurement operation by showing them how to cut costs and improve product protection.  (11/1/2005)

  Swedish Grocery Industry Operates Cooperative Pallet And Container Pool - Details behind formation of Swedish reusable plastic pallet and container pool. Update on growth from 2.5 million container shipments in 2001 to a projected 60 million in 2005.  (6/1/2005)
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