Environmental Issues

  Deca-bromine to Be Phased Out - Chemical manufacturers reach agreement with EPA to phase out deca-bromine, a controversial flame retardant used in iGPS pallets.   (2/12/2010)

  Surveys Indicates Wood Pallets Recycling Up, Landfill Deposits Down - Leading industry researchers analyize wood pallet recycling trends from 1992 to 2006.   (8/7/2009)

  Markets in Transition: Environmental Claims About Pallets More Than Material - Rick discusses the importance of pallet management in making any pallet a truly green product.   (2/1/2009)

  Markets in Transition: Columnist Shifts to Totally Environmental Focus! - Columnist explores green hype and true environmental benefits of various packaging options.  (5/1/2008)

  Plastics Companies Launch First Bio-Composite Pallet - New composite technology promises to lower costs for plastic pallets and offer environmental benefits.   (12/1/2007)

  Quantifying a Sustainable Future: Pallet Researcher Answers Tough Questions On Sustainability - Pallets & the Environment: Interest in monitoring environmental impacts of packaging is here to stay, says Dr. Mark White, a leading pallet industry researcher; Wal-Mart puts focus on sustainability.  (11/1/2007)
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