New Product Reviews

  Sumpraxis Offers Innovative Corrugated Pallet Design in U.S. - Triangular design of the SolidPak pallet provides strength and lightweight features.   (2/6/2009)

  Rehrig Pacific Offers Nestable Plastic Pallet - Features beveled leading edges that allow easier entry by forklift into a stack of nested pallets.  (2/1/2009)

  Cantelevered Stacker Saves Space - Industrial Resources develops pallet stacker designed for tight spots in your distribution center.   (6/1/2008)

  Worthington Steelpac Automates Production, Launches GMA Style Pallet - Major plastic pallet and container company automates to cut costs, claims its durable designs far outlast wood and plastic designs.  (3/14/2008)

  Jeco Develops New Pallet for Printers - Innovative pallet design holds sheets of paper that are fed directly into large printing presses.  (12/12/2007)

  Diamondback offers rare lightweight and rackable pallet option - PrimePal's Diamondback® plastic pallet is a light-weight, rackable plastic designed and manufactured for durability. A nine block style design, the pallet gets its strength from a structural grid that is inserted into the impact-resistant top panel.  (12/21/2006)

  PDQ Offers Export Grade Plastic Pallets - PDQ Plastics offers three export grade pallets have a 40x48 footprint. Is is a lightweight nestable, nine-block design. The company offers two other types of export grade pallets, including a model with three snap-on runners to facilitate double-stacking.  (12/21/2006)

  Rehrig Pacific Offers Plastic Export Pallet - Rehrig Pacific Co.’s new RPX 4840 plastic export pallet is designed for low-cost, one-way shipping and to speed products safely through customs.   (12/21/2006)

  Litco Offers Half-Size Pallet - Litco offers a 24 x 40 pallet for smaller loads. The design adds efficiency and reduce costs according to Litco International Inc., North America's major supplier of Inca presswood pallets.  (12/1/2006)
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