International Standards

  International Pallet Footprints: Analysis of Latest Developments, Trends - Pallet user guru, Rick LeBlanc, reports on the latest developments on international pallet sizes and standardization efforts around the globe.  (12/11/2010)

  Pallet Stamp ID Theft: Are Your Pallets Really ISPM-15 Compliant? - Feds prosecute pallet user for falsifying marks, private lawsuit in a separate case highlights dangers of pallet stamp ID theft.   (3/26/2010)

  MH1-2005 Pallet Standard Now Available At No Cost from MHIA - Pallet standard helps clear up market confusion. Download a free copy from the MHIA Web site.   (9/2/2009)

  The High Cost of the Wrong Pallet: Are EUR-pallets the Answer for Shipping to Europe? - If you ship to Europe, many receivers want official EUR-pallets. But they end up get something far less, which can cost everyone more in the long run.  (1/1/2008)

  Optimizing Pallet Sizes within the Global Supply Chain - Insights from a recent study that examined the costs of using different pallet sizes in the supply chain between North East Asia and North America.  (9/1/2007)

  Seaports - First Line of Defense for Phytosanitary Risk - Covers the processes used at seaports to stop the spread of pests through solid wood packaging material.   (4/2/2007)

  Australia Stiffens Plywood/Veneer Shipment Reporting Requirements - New rules impact plywood and veneer packaging headed for Australia.   (1/1/2007)

  EAB Treatment Update - ISPM-15 OK for Pallets - Review of latest requirement for solid wood packaging due to the Emerald Ash Borer outbreak in the upper Midwest.   (1/1/2007)
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